Lucia Stanton

Lucia Stanton is Monticello’s Shannon Senior Historian. She is recognized as the leading interpreter of Jefferson’s life as a planter and master of the lives of his slaves and their descendants.

Stanton has written dozens of articles and four books, with subjects ranging from dogs and botany to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. She is best known, however, for her research and publications on the Monticello plantation and its people, a subject she has studied for decades. “Those Who Labor for My Happiness”: Slavery at Monticello and Free Some Day: The African-American Families of Monticello are perfect examples of her scholarship, demonstrating her deep understanding of the historical record.

In 1993, Stanton began Getting Word, a continuing oral history project that has gathered the recollections of 170 descendants of Monticello’s enslaved families. The interviews, along with supplemental research and photographs, create an important connection to the history of Monticello’s people, whose descendants ultimately fulfilled Jefferson’s vision for equality and freedom.