Joshua Yates

Joshua Yates is Research Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia and Director of the Program on Culture, Capitalism, and Global Change at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture.  He is also the Director of the Thriving Cities Project, a multi-year interdisciplinary research initiative, featuring its distinctive Human Ecology framework and comprised of a national network of scholars from across the humanities, social sciences, urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, and design.  The research agenda of Thriving Cities provides theoretically-informed but empirically-based resources and insights for holistic assessment of community wealth and wellbeing.

 Professor Yates is a sociologist specializing in the study of urbanism, public life, and cultural change, with an emphasis on the cultural and civic dimensions of contemporary cities and communities. His sociological research has concentrated on two overlapping questions: (1) What does it mean and take to thrive in cities today? And (2) How are an array of contentious forces, from globalization to technological disruption to demographic transformation, shaping the prospects of thriving in 21st century urban contexts?